Luckily (and to my Father's dissapointment), I began my profesional career by dropping out of Mechanical Engineering school, noting that there was a mutual dislike between both parties. And, it was at the same Pontificia Universidade Catolica - Rio de Janeiro (PUC-RJ), six months later, where I began the Industrial Design degree, with a specialization on Visual Communication.

Good times...

So much has happened since then! However, I will try to quickly recap: I have been through several companies, have founded some of my own and have worked with a lot of different but complementary disciplines like multimedia, 2d and 3d animation, webdesign, UX/UI Design, graphic design, audio editing, interface design, image manipulation, distance learning, prints for clothing and photography. I also wrote code in html, actionscript and PHP with mySQL.

In July 2018, due to the serious economic and political crisis that Brazil is experiencing, I decided to seek new professional horizons and a better quality of life for my family and I came to the beautiful Figueira da Foz, Portugal .


multi-media designer @ Laboratorium / PUC-Rio
3d designer @ CPRTV / Senac Rio
art director / owner @ Target Design
webdesigner @ Made Internet Services
art director / owner @ Agenzia Comunicação
art director / owner @ eSpiral Design Studio
production manager / art director / owner @ MiniBeanie Pequenos & Estilosos

  • I'm a perfectionist90%
  • I'm organized70%
  • I'm communicative50%
  • I work well in a team environment80%
  • I have leadership skills50%
  • I work quickly/Am responsive30%
  • I work well under pressure70%
  • I like to work under pressure5%

  • photoshop90%
  • wordpress85%
  • illustrator60%
  • xd45%
  • corel draw80%
  • 3d max45%
  • invision50%
  • after effects70%
  • ms office suite60%
  • indesign25%
  • html565%
  • css375%
  • php35%
  • photography80%

  • portuguese98%
  • english70%
  • german50%