Hello, my name is Rodrigo. I am a multidisciplinary digital designer born in Brazil and living in Portugal. Welcome to my portfolio.

Featured Project: Aerial Attractions

The company's core business is to create and manufacture standalone adventure parks. The whole Design Project includes responsive website, presentations, flyers, brochures, signs and business card, among others.

Web Design

Aided by the practicality and speed of CMS systems, I have predominantly worked with Wordpress on assembling responsive corporate web pages.

Miguel Padilha
Special Crystal Child
Special Crystal Child
Banda Eletra
Site Giovanna Fanucchi
Site Giovanna Fanucchi


During my career I have not had many opportunities to create logos, although it is a part of design that I enjoy doing.

Banda Eletra - Stage 1

Banda Eletra is my oldest active client, a partnership that began in 2009. In this first phase we accomplished print jobs, photos, email marketing campaigns, DVDs and a fun Flash site with lots of animation and interactivity.

parallax background

Banda Eletra - Stage 2

In 2016 the band had its logo and colors revamped with shades of yellow and black. This included updating the responsive website, business cards and moleskine-type block to the new visual scheme.

Leonardos & Licks

The well established Rio de Janeiro based law firm needed an elegant yet impactful corporate brochure that veered from the industry commonplace, traditionally subject to excessive graphic simplicity

Polo Capital

Independent capital venture management group, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro. This is an old job, but I enjoy the result, even looking back today. The internal office photos with clean architecture and archaeological pieces linked to the history of Marco Polo served as background for the institutional site areas, creating a strong visual link between the website and the company's physical address.

Image Manipulation

Photoshop is an incredible tool. I love creating "magic", as the disappearance of poles, reflections and electric cables - or even entire arborist parks, give way to another one, fully rendered in 3d



The National Service of Commercial Learning is the main professional education agency directed towards Brazil's Trade of Goods, Services and Tourism. They ordered a game with knowledge test about e-learning.

MiniBeanie Pequenos & Estilosos

In 2009 my wife and I decided to venture into the children's clothing industry. As a partner in this company, we were responsible for the entire production line, from creating prints to photography, sewing, modeling, webdesign (e-commerce), graphic production, stamping and team management.

parallax background